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Simplify Daily Living - Live Debt-Less After Divorce or Separation

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You're stressed about...

  • Not living a simplified life

  • Living paycheck to paycheck

  • Not having enough extra to have fun

  • Only paying the minimums on your credit cards

  • Your financial situation because it's confusing and complicated

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You want to...

  • Feel like you can breathe again

  • Be financially comfortable

  • Better understand your financial options

  • Learn how to make financial decisions that work

  • Move forward while still having fun

  • Enjoy your life even while paying down your debt

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Let's talk

If you want to simplify your daily life, let's talk.
If your financial situation is not where you want it to be, let's talk.
Let's have a no obligation 30 minute call about your situation.

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Melissa is so easy to talk to. From the first moment we met, we just clicked. She really listened and I could feel her caring and how she understand my situation. 

With her guidance and straightforward and clear steps, I was able to get ahead of my finances and stop focusing on the past and start moving towards my much brighter future. 

I highly recommend you set up a call with Melissa if your financial life is not where you want it to be.

Lynn K, California

I had the pleasure of working with Melissa and assigning her to clients who appreciated her calm, easy manner as she provided ideas on what they could do to become more comfortable with their financial situations. 

Melissa has the unique ability to look at a situation and find an easy, simplified way to address it.  She has been a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her again as she continues to provide support to those who need help with their financial situations.  I highly recommend Melissa.

Sam C, Business Advisor, Connecticut

I worked with Melissa and saw first-hand how she was able to take a complex issue and make it easy for people to understand.  She was able to quickly find a simple way for them to go through the steps necessary to complete their tasks while understanding what and why they were doing so.

She was clear and patient with all her explanations and always made it simple!

Connie S, Illinois

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I Believe...

It's time to open up the conversation about money. Growing up we aren't taught about money, how to manage our finances, or how not to get trapped by debt. With the right hands-on training, however, we can move into a bright financial future.

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Melissa Dederer

Your Guide to Living Debt-Less

As the Founder of Simplified Processes, I am a coach, consultant, speaker, and author. For over 30 years, I have been helping people find more efficient and effective ways to manage their money, do their jobs, and live their best lives. 

I translate the complex into clear, understandable, and actionable steps.  I am able to simplify and create easy-to-understand processes to take you from where you are to where you want to be. 

These steps and strategies take my clients from feeling overwhelmed and discouraged about their financial situation to hopeful and confident for their financial future.

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